Thriving Mama Thursday: Keep it simple!

It is the simple memories that will last a lifetime.  You don’t have to do anything elaborate to create memories for your children.  You will be amazed at the simple little memories that will stick with them.  Some of my most heartwarming memories of my mother is of reading Little House in the Big Woods after my younger siblings had gone to bed.  We lived in a tiny cabin on Vancouver Island and I felt so warm and safe having one on one time with her.  Recently my son reminded me of  the time he was sick and I made him peppermint tea with honey in the middle of the night (two years ago).  I am always struck by the simple experiences that stand out in his memory, confirming that making expensive, elaborate plans to have quality family time, may not be necessary.  We went to an out of town wedding a few years ago.  The wedding had an elaborate theme, complete with carnival games, tents and fancy food, but my sons recollection of the trip is of the hotel we stayed in that had a pool.  He still talks about that time we stayed at the hotel and mommy swam in the pool with him. 

So look for simple opportunities to share meaningful moments with your children!  Don’t make it more complicated then it needs to be!

Keep it simple!


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