Teaching Gratitude

Father’s day is long gone!   But don’t stop teaching your children to express appreciation, gratitude.  Encourage your children to show appreciation every day, not just the one labeled Father’s Day (Or any other labeled holiday reserved for mothers, grandparents etc, for that matter).
How do your children show their gratitude, love, appreciation?   Are they being raised in a culture of appreciation? or of entitlement?  You can not change prevailing cultural trends but you can cultivate an attitude of gratitude, compassion, and appreciation.
Talk with them about it. 
Brainstorm with them how they might show people they appreciate them, care about them…
Help them pick one thing to do each day to show someone that they are appreciated. 
(Does not hurt to do this yourself, model it to your children, appreciate their help with chores, willingness to share with little sister, choice to open door for elderly lady at the store…)
  • Write thank you notes,
  • Bring flowers to the neighbor,
  • Bake cookies for a friend,
  • Schedule extra one on one time with your kids for their extra efforts,
  • Thank your spouse for XYZ… in front of the kids
  • Give thanks at meals
  • Take time to intentionally soak in a sunny day
  • Verbalize your gratitude for your job…
  • Volunteer time or service to a charity

Show your children how to express gratitude and compassion.  Help them develop an attitude of appreciation rather then entitlement or deficit thinking.

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