Independence Day Sunburn

We have finally been blessed with true summer weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  We packed the family up for a long weekend at Grandma’s house, near the Oregon Coast, for our annual birthday /4th of July celebration.   (My son’s birthday is July 1st, so his birthday usually turns into a weekend celebration, fireworks included).   First day, we meet up with friends, and hit the beach, all day.  Husband is a tad grumpy because it takes longer then he hoped to get out the door due to making sure we have everything we might need for a day at the beach, including two children and one dog.  It is a beautiful sunny day, complete with sand castles, kites, and picnic.  I chase everyone around with the SPF 30, 50 for the little one, even managing to slather my suncreen avoiding Scandinavian husband.  We lounge in the sand, wade in the waves, climb dunes, retreat to a shade tent, read magazines, catch up on girl talk, take pictures of the kids reveling in the wet sand (eating the wet sand in my daughter’s case).  I feel tired, a head cold coming on, realize I have forgotten my own hat, as I pick up my toddlers cute pink polka dotted one out of a wet sandy mote for the fifth time  We finally pack up our beach festivities to head home, when I look at my shoulders and chest, and realize that despite my sunscreen mania, I neglected my own self.  I am the proud owner of bright red lines where my tank top stops.  Sound familiar?  Such a typical Mom Move.

The take home lesson: make sure you have your own oxygen, sunscreen, protein bar, shoes, etc.. first, in order to be prepared to help others (your children, husband, clients, boss, friends).  I get reminded of this regularly.  I am sure it won’t be the last time, and I am passing it on to you, as I am sure I am not alone in rushing around to get everyone else ready, settled, packed, sunscreened, etc.

What are your tricks for prioritizing self care?  How do you make sure to remember your water bottle and hat, as well as all the kids gear? 

Coming Soon- more practical tips for mama care!

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