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Parents often ask me, “when should I start talking to my children about sex?”  And I say “Do you want your five year old learning from the bigger kids at school about facts of life, or have them hear from you first, then be able bring questions to you about what the older kids are saying?”  These inquiring parents, my own curious five year old, and my  experience being raised by parents who weren’t comfortable with the topic, has led me to seek out resources for the benefit of all.

The Talk, What Your Kids Need to Hear From You About Sex,
By Sharon Maxwell, PhD

This a fresh approach to guiding your children through an oversexualized, on-line, in your face world.  I love this book!  It is a practical resource to help you create an ongoing discussion with your children, (especially teen and preteen ages) about sex,  sexuality and sexual choices.  The author offers realistic advice for parents in the areas of:

  • Setting family guidelines for safe Internet use
  • Addressing the social power that comes from looking sexy and the personal responsibility each of us has to use that power appropriately
  • Discussing the moral aspects of sexuality in ways teens will understand
  • Developing principles with teens that will help them figure out when it is okay to be sexual with someone and when it is not…

This book presents an innovative framework for looking at human sexuality and is a must read for all parents in my oppinion!

For younger children I like “Amazing you: getting smart about your private parts”  by Gail Saltz, and Lynne Craveth, to get some facts out there for them and normalize the topic of sexuality and their bodies as one to discuss with their parents first.   Be age appropriate of course, but start early, as early as they begin asking.  Offer simple accurate age appropriate information, and this illustrated book is a good foundation to help get you more comfortable early on with talking to your children about their bodies and sexuality.

Now go for it!

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