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Don’t Lose the Family Fun

A friend tells me about her summer schedule.  She has one camp after another lined up for her elementary school age son.  In addition to camp, he is in swim lessons, and will be spending a week out of state with his grandparents.   While I appreciate her need for structure, I might choose some moderation.  Many of us tend to think in terms of “all” or “nothing”.  At one extreme,  wide open unstructured time and at the other, a summer filled with so many structured activities for the kids that there is no room for family fun.  My idea of the perfect summer for kids is a combination of structured activities, some planned family fun activities, and some down time for the kids to use their imagination around the house or with the neighborhood kids.  The best way to make sure everyone in the family has fun this summer is to sit down and have a big brainstorming session.  Get out a piece of paper and have one person write down all the fun ideas.  Instruct your family to try and think of ideas that don’t cost a whole lot of money.  Take turns giving ideas to add to your family fun list.  Here are a few ideas from our list:

  • Play mini golf
  •  Go to the pool
  • Pick berries at local farm
  • Go to the zoo
  • Play with water balloons
  • Take family walks
  • Have friends spend the night
  • Have family picnics
  • Race remote control cars
  • Bake banana bread
  • Play tennis
  • Go camping a lot!

Once you have all your ideas, begin plugging your ideas into the family calendar over the next couple months.  Adjust your work schedule when possible to free up extra time.  Make sure that everyone in the family gets to experience their family fun ideas, even if you don’t have the time to do everything on the list. 

Now go enjoy your kids!

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