Back on the bike

I am coming down from a great weekend, complete with awesome salmon bbq (thank you husband), meeting new neighbors, an abundance of birthday hugs and memorable time with old friends!  The weekend culminated with the Portland Sunday Parkway event, during which streets routes are closed to car traffic and opened for bikes only.  The route consists of a loop to several local parks.  Parks are prepped to welcome bikers with bouncy houses, hoolahoops, music, food and vendors in addition to their everyday play equipment and fountains.  Burley bike trailers are abundant.  Volunteers are at every turn, directing, supporting and offering water. A true family bike fest!

Anyway, I am so appreciative of my dear friends who continued to encourage me to do the ride, despite my ambivalence and resistence (and 5 years of not even looking at my bicycle).  It was a great day, and I am inspired to get back on the bike soon!

As I reminisce over the weekend, (and pick up the random juice cup and trail of left behind kids clothing items in our yard), it occurs to me.  These are life friends, the ones who encourage and influence you to be a better, healthier person.  The ones who live by example, who don’t chide or judge or scold, but whose presence, influence, and choices challenge you to grow in directions you always wanted to.  The friends who walk with you through daily life as well as celebrating milestones with you.  This is my tribe. 

Are you growing your tribe?  Are you spending time with friends who inspire and challenge you to be a better, whole person? parent? professional?  It is okay to titrate off friendships that drain you, leave you feeling down, exhausted, or negative.  Put your energy where it will give you best returns.  Seek friends you admire and respect.  Friends who hold similar values, interests, and passions and are living them. 

Grow your tribe.  It takes a village…..

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