Mamas, Reclaim your confidence!

Confident momsFeeling frumpy, dismissed, unheard? Every day at work and in life, women give away their power without realizing it. Then they wonder why they don’t get the respect and credit they deserve.

Here are practical, easy habits to cultivate that showcase your power and confidence that any woman can do at work (and in life):

Eye Contact– Look people directly in the eyes when speaking or listening.  Good girls have a tendency to glance at people’s eyes and quickly look away. Instead, when you speak to someone look directly in their eyes. When listening, keep your eyes fixed on the person and you will increase their interest of you even though you may not be saying anything outloud!

Make a statement.– Don’t end every sentence with a question mark? Ever noticed that many women make a sentence into a question? It’s as if they want you to affirm that what they’re thinking is OK because they’re so unsure of themselves? Don’t make others wonder if you’re competent to handle things. Try focusing on making statements rather then fishing for approval.  Don’t you think?

Stop fidgeting– Keep your hands out of your hair, or away from your face.  You may not even notice that you’re playing with your hair, but such gestures often send the signal that you’re not certain of your own opinions or are feeling intimidated or nervous.

Drop the excuses– Don’t over-complain or over-explain. Women tend to over-complain and over-explain. We put ourselves on the defensive by constantly feeling as though we must be accountable about where we are, why we’re there, what we’re thinking, and how we arrived at that conclusion. You owe the world results, not an explanation.  Believe in yoruself, atleast sound like you do, until you really do!

Pay it forward– Notice achievements and give positive feedback. This isn’t just about being nice. It’s about your co-workers, family and friend wanting to be recognized and appreciated. Do this easily and authentically and you are emotionally attractive. So, simply open your mouth or type that e-mail to tell someone a job well done.

Choose your vocabulary intentionally. Expressions such as, “I was like…” don’t sound assured or confident so use them sparingly. Swearing may get attention but is generally considered unprofessional.  Humor is a very powerful communication technique, too. But, humor can work against you when used to put down others so be self aware of your motives.

Dress the Part– Dress and act as though you already have the power of the next step up. Fashion experts advise you to dress for the job you want to have. Given today’s more casual workplace environment that’s not always so easy to do, but it’s still possible with the right accents and accessories.

Try these moves this week.  Note how you feel, how others are reacting to you.  More how indecisiveness affects your power next!

Be well, and believe in yourself!


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